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The Girl Herself

(ipsa puella)

the girl herself
28 December 1988
why must you look at the bio to find out about me? here i am, pouring my heart out in my journal, and you're reading my MINI-BIOGRAPHY??!!!
advice, air supply, apple cores, art, asians, azns, ba-na-na-naaaas, bad jokes, bagels, batboy, beaches, being greatly in debt, big bubbles, big red, biology, birthmarks, black and white, boys, bracelets, care bears, carnies, cell phones, chaos, cheese, chopin, civilian., coffee, colour, combustion, corey from geometry, coxie + mandy poo, dances, days like these, denny, dirty socks, dreadlocks, dreams, duct tape, england, eraserless pencils, erik oakeson, et cetera, eternity, exclamation points, freckles, fun, fuzz, geno, granulocytes, guacamole, hair, hardcore, hobos, horses, internet, jack, jack jindra, joe mamma, john brown, juan, jump rope, kaspie, kisses on my nose, latin, lawn decorations, madame zuroni, melted popsicles, milton, miss cleo, modest mouse, monty python, movie popcorn, movies, muddy shoes, musicals, my feet, napiform things, new found glory, nicknames, ninjas, not for now, office space, old friends, old music, old stuff, old things, onomonopia, oreos, ozzy, people, phosphorous, pictures, polly pocket, posting trots, prostoglandins, puddles, punk, questions, rain, ravens, rhetorical questions, rock, rubber bath toys, sam doty, saturated fat, saturated hobos, shiny objects, shopping, silly putty, sixteen candles, skateboarding, ski-team management, slacking, smurfs, snowballs, snowboarding, socks, static electricity, tears in pants, the foreigner, the oc, the senior lounge, tiny bubbles, toe jam, traveling, tyler, umbrellas, underground, unexplained mysteries, wakeboarding, waking ashland, waterskiing, wayland academy, wes, yearbooks, yi ding, you know., zambonis